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Josly Realty wants our agents to succeed. We offer great commission split deals along with a great environment and a great support team. We embrace technology. Our Virtual Office system allows you to stay organized anywhere with access to documents, forms, continuous education, training materials and more. Our mentorship program provides practical guidance for real life cases.We offer quality trainings in small dedicated groups. Our referral programs facilitate making extra money. Our recruiting program keeps our team fresh, diverse, and dynamic.

Great commission plans
Company commission splits are performance based. No hidden fees, period. Our policy is built in and haggle free. The better you perform, the higher your split. It’s really that simple.
We embrace technology
Technology today allows the average person to browse real estate inventory. Real estate professionals encounter educated consumers that know exactly what they want. A modern real estate company needs technology to keep a competitive edge. Our Virtual Office system is built to keep our agents prepared, mobile, and ahead of the curve.
For New Agents
Through our mentorship program, Josly encourages collaboration. Those more experienced can guide new recruits to success. Teamwork builds camraderie. We nurture activities that unite our company and strengthen our agents.
For Experienced Agents
We value wisdom earned through experience. We will never limit your growth. We are available to discuss terms publicly or confidentially to suit your needs. Come see why we are a great balance between support and independence.
And more…
We invite you to come and experience the difference that a great team makes. We welcome prospective agents and experienced alike to sit in on our open training sessions, or contact us to discuss any questions you may have. Allow us show you why Josly Realty is a great place for agents.

We have great plans available. Start working in a cool relaxed business environment, and making more money. To inquire please call Broker Jose L Almanzar 786-412-7217


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Here is what some of our agents have to say about us!

Sandra Bryan   

I highly recommend our office and our broker Jose who is the best! Jose has proven time and time again that he is always there to help you when you ask, this is a big deal in real estate, having someone to help when you need it. This is why I believe it is nice to be at this company, it is small enough to know everyone and have that personnel touch from the broker and that is so important. Jose is also advanced in technology and offers classes to help you do the best job that you can. I have been in this business since 1994 and when I came to Josly Realty it felt more like joining a family and that speaks volumes. Please come and join the family, he wants us to succeed and that is a good thing.

Evelyn Garzon   

Dear new agents , It is a great pleasure for me to write this Recommendation for my great broker JOSE ALMANZAR , I'm so happy working at Josly Realty Just because our Broker Jose Almanzar is always there for helping us with everything, any time any day he is there to help me with all my questions and teaching me more and more to make me a great successful top producer and he always is working on making our team better and better every day ,he's is very professional and also he do the best trainings for those new agents that don't know anything like I use to be 2year ago, he will help you step by step with great patience and love for all his team ,he will keep his team update with everything new in the market and always care for us like a family , because Josly Realty is more than a place to work is a place to have fun and help people to make the American Dream like he always teach us to help our clients, I want to thanks so much Jose Almanzar to be a great person a great broker a great manager and a great friend . Thank you boss, we love you.

Ana Palmira Almanzar   

I love my Broker...he is a hardworking man, much disciplined, very fair, and a cooperative person...He is educated and knowledgeable. And he cares a lot for each one of us...It is not easy to find a Broker like him...I am thankful for being a part of the Josly Team...God bless this Company!

Ana Miranda   

Mr. Jose Almanzar is a very knowledgeable Broker, especially in his hands on training as an experienced Broker/Realtor, Mentor

Arax Rodriguez   

I have been with Josly since 2005 and I love it! Jose Almanzar is an awesome broker. He is always there to help and answer any questions you may have. There's also weekly trainings that keep us up to date on all things real estate, which is really great too. Being able to turn to your broker for guidance is really important and at Josly Realty you will definitely get the support you need.

Iris Tardif   

I vote for Jose Almanzar from Josly Realty. He is my broker, he had taught me so much. He is a great human being, very helpful and patient.

Jorge Morales   

Excellent office & broker, it's like family and also lots of training...